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905, Shivalik high street, Bodakdev Road, Near Mansi Circle, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

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Challenging and rapid development of a B2B video syndication platform

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Support
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Silex
  • RabbitMQ
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • NVD3 charts
  • Chart.js
  • yourprosource


Videowire is video syndication and distribution platform launched in 2006. At first, it was based on providing free video access to the users, and over time B2B syndication service was developed. Today, this is the sole focus for Videowire. The platform now provides video-content created by 20 agencies (France24, Ruptly, Euronews, India Today…) in 12 languages, and is primarily used by media companies who need access to licensed videos.

Before they have started to work with TMS, Videowire outsourced development to a company from India. Although they did develop a product Videowire used for several years, that cooperation was continually difficult due to developers committing to deadlines they couldn’t keep. This leads to several delays and affected Videowire sales efforts as well as other aspects of their business.

Also, the product itself was created and setup inefficiently – hardware infrastructure was not utilized optimally leading to high AWS bills, video search features were slow (30-50 seconds per search), and filtering features were not flexible to be useful for end users. Therefore, to resolve performance-related issues Videowire decided to change the development company.


Before officially starting to work with TMS, Videowire was considering several options and comparing different offers. TMS was recommended by a former (and satisfied) client, during due diligence we provided Videowire with all the information they asked for, including how we would approach the project, what timelines we would set for each of their requests, and in the end, they tested us with a small pilot task. Eventually, we started working together in December 2014.


After taking over Videowire development, our first task was to migrate the existing video library (over 1 million videos), and database (MS SQL to MySQL). We recommended switching from AWS to dedicated servers, to make sure hardware infrastructure is optimally used. To migrate everything, careful planning was needed, and the final step was a 72 hours long migration itself, which needed constant monitoring to make sure we can react if there was a glitch.

Migration was successfully finished in January, and in parallel the development of the new web application was going on. Working prototype was online setup in February, new scheduler server started collecting videos from providers in March, and soft launch of the new platform was in April.

This made people at Videowire confident they can rely on us beyond development, and we de facto assumed CTO role for the project. This meant our participation in meeting with Videowire clients, where the idea for white labeling the platform came from. This turned into the second stage of this project – which started in July 2015, prototype was launched in September, and final version was polished and setup for several clients in December.

Since January 2016, the platform is working without any issues. We provide platform and server infrastructure maintenance services and are ready to resume development when needed.

Key Challenges

  • Migrating 1M+ videos from old architecture to the new one
  • Reducing search time from 30-50 seconds per query
  • Taking over the development of an existing product
  • Working with new technology RabbitMQ

Key Results

  • Successful migration to dedicated servers and MySQL database
  • Search time reduced to 1-5 seconds per query
  • Rapid development of the basic web application and its white label version

Videowire Partners

Videowire partners up with Agence France Presse, Ruptly, Press Association, France24, Euronews, India Today, PressTV amongst others

“When we started working with TMS, we were blown away by their support for our product. Not only did they deliver each task on time, they provided invaluable support in recommending best technologies to resolve different challenges our web platform faced. After the development was finished, we were happy to let them take care of platform and server management and, we would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable web application development partner.”

─ Stephen Ong, Videowire founder